Welcome to B2 Coatings, LLC. We are a Water Transfer Printing Company out of Cahokia, IL. Home of the Worlds most badass hard hats! We have sold thousands of hats all around the globe. As well as our Pipeline style Welding Hoods!  Everything from Pancakes to Box type! We also do specialized coatings as well. If you are in need of your Yeti style cups, automotive parts, motorcycle, guns or anything really as long as it can get wet. It can be dipped! We can cover just about anything!  Not only do we do Hydrodipping. But we also specialize in Cerakote and Duracoat as well as other coatings. Please feel free to check out our website our eBay and Facebook page. And feel contact us at anytime if you have any questions.

             Our shop hours are from 8am-4pm CST